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The website of our manila office is now opened!

Hi, Everyone.

Digidelic has an office in Manila, the capital of Philippines.
That’s “Digidelic Philippines”!
It has been two years since its establishment.

Today, we would like to take you through the newly opened website of Digidelic Philippines.


Here’s the address of the website.

You will find the top page of the website with clear and refreshing sky, scenery full of nature and boosting city!
That’s only so fitting to draw picture of Philippines today.

Inside the website, you will find information on the company, as well as some of the projects it’s been working on, and a blog!
It’s newly opened, but I’m sure you will see how our on-site staffs are working on the projects with joy.
We have great staffs who work consistently and skillfully.

All the contents are available both in English and Japanese, so please take a look!


Our sincere hope is that people will get too see how things are going at Digidelic Philippines through this website.
We will keep on working with our international partners to take a step forward in this graphic industries!