Introducing our staffs


visual design

Graphic Designer

Joined in 2017

To you who is pursuing this career:

Depending on the project, you’ll be required to use different skills. If you want to do various works in different fields, you would enjoy working here.
You can learn the skills and knowledge while working. There are also senior colleagues you can rely on.
Let’s accomplish goals together!
Q. Can you describe your job?
I mainly create graphics for videos and design websites.
Also, I work on paper ads, character creation and graphics for TV shows.
Q. What is good about working at Digidelic?
You can create various kinds of graphics since we have projects in a wide variety of genres.
I have a lot of opportunities to work with people in other fields. They are kind and bring me interesting topics, and their enthusiasm in creating better things inspires me a lot.
Q. What is your goal?
Although I don’t have many opportunities to directly talk to the client now, someday I’d like to become the one to be specifically asked by them to work on a project. In order to achieve this, I will first try harder to improve my skills and to gain trust in the company.