CG Production

Expressinng the imagination through high quality graphics!

We work on CG projects of all genre, such as movies, advertisements, PV, and concerts.

Available softwares, plugs-ins, etc.

3dsMax / MAYA / ZBrush / V-ray / PFTrack / AfterEffects / PhotoShop / Illustrator

Improving the visual image from graphic design point of view

We make designs that play a major role in movie contents, such as title logo, visual parts and characters. Moreover, we create designs of advertisements, package, and SP tools, for paper media.

Available softwares, plugs-ins, etc.

Illustrator / Photoshop / AfterEffects


Journey to a world of imagination... visualizing the impossible.

We work on composite and edition of graphics in various projects such as movies, commercials, TV program, PV and concerts.

Available softwares, plugs-ins, etc.

Smoke / Flame / Avid Media Composer / Final Cut

CG Production Works