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onair graphics

Live Graphics Operator

Joined in 2020

To you who is pursuing this career:

It is fun working as a CG operator!
At live broadcasting projects, my works such as displaying titles and AR are watched by so many people. I feel so much tension every time, but the sense of achievement is great. You can only experience this in the TV industry.
Keep the enthusiasm and let’s accomplish goals together!
Q. Can you describe your job?
As a CG operator, I display titles and AR for live broadcasting at TV stations. At the Tokyo Olympics, I displayed the players’ face photos and profiles. For mahjong TV shows, I display the reach actions and input the scores.
Q. What is good about working at Digidelic?
I’ve been to different project locations thanks to Digidelic. It's great that I can get different experiences at different projects.
If there is something that I don’t know, my senior colleagues would help me. It’s reassuring that I have them with me.
Q. What is your goal?
I want to do good operations for any live broadcasting projects so that the audience can watch the shows easily.