Live Graphics

We deliver information, which cannot be conveyed by the video and sound, to the audience in an easy way and real-time. We create CG works utilizing new technology in a wide variety of genres such as news program, quiz show ,sports, e sports.

Hardwares and Softwares

Vizrt, Brainstorm, VWS, XPression,, Karisma CG, NIXUS, Neo.n OASYS (our company’s original caption machine), UNICORN(our company’s original graphic machine) Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, 3ds Max, Blender, Maya

Blending the real world and the virtual world with the newest technology. We do real-time CG composition linking with cameras at recording studios and live streaming events. We create a virtual world where the audience is able to enjoy further. We enable free and dynamic ways of expression that you cannot imagine from the actual stage set.

Hardwares and Softwares

Vizrt, Brainstorm, VOYAGER, CHYRONHEGO, disguise, Notch, TriCaster Virtual Set Editor Unity, Unreal Engine 4, UNICORN (our company’s original graphic machine) Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, 3ds Max, Blender, Maya

We develop supporting tools and control panels, which are able to link CG and real-time-changing data such as vote counting, social media posting as well as sports data and gaming APIs. Customizing the system, depending on the taste of TV shows and the studio environment with precision, speed and controllability, makes it possible to visualize the result in a moment.

Hardwares, Softwares and Languages

Vizrt, Brainstorm, XPression, VOYAGER,, Karisma CG, disguise, Notch Unity, Unreal Engine 4, OASYS (our company’s original 2D developer), UNICORN (our company’s original 3D developer) VisualBasic, C++, C#, javascript, html5


  • AFC ASIA Final Qualifying Saudi Arabia vs Japan / DAZN

    2021 October

    Vizrt | Trio | Telop

  • Yogibo presents RIZIN.31 / RIZIN LIVE / Sky Perfect TV

    2021 October

    Vizrt | Telop | Control Panel

  • Meruru & Pipo-kun Trraffic Safety Class Live / Youtube

    2021 September

    Brainstorm / Virtual

  • 33rd Tokyo Girls Collection 2021 AUTUMN/WINTER / Youtube、LINE

    2021 September

    Vizrt / Virtual

  • NOJIMA T-LEAGUE 2021-2022 Season Opening Game / dtv channel / HikariTV / Amazon Prime

    2021 September

    UNICORN / Sensor links / Control Panel

  • Kanjani∞Chronicle F / FujiTV

    2021 September

    Vizrt / game Development / Control Panel

  • Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company J.LEAGUE Winning Eleven Final / KONAMI

    2021 August

    XPression / VOYAGER / Telop / Virtual / Control Panel

  • Tokyo 2020 Olympic / TBS

    2021 August

    Brainstorm / Telop

  • Tokyo 2020 Olympic / TV TOKYO Corporation

    2021 August

    Vizrt / Virtual


    2021 August

    Vizrt / OASYS / Control Panel / API links

  • BAHARAJI 10th Anniversary Special Live / Youtube

    2021 August

    OASYS / Control Panel / Twitter links

  • Tokyo 2020 Olympic / J:COM

    2021 July

    BRAINSTORM / Virtual

  • 4th ABEMA Tournament Main Tournament / ABEMA

    2021 July-September

    Brainstorm / Virtual / Control Panel

  • Mezamashi8 / FujiTV

    2021 April

    Vizrt / Telop / Virtual / UNICORN / Control Panel

  • Mezamashi TV / FujiTV

    2021 April

    Vizrt / Telop / Virtual / Control Panel

  • South Korea Cinema Seminar / Sky Perfect TV

    2021 April

    Neo.n / Telop


    2021 March

    Vizrt / Telop / Virtual / Control Panel / API Links


    Day13, the opening of Phase 2, will start on Saturday, September 25, 2021. The battle to decide SEASON WINNER will finally begin. Don't miss the hot battle! At our company, we have consistently produced everything from the tournament key visual design to the to overview video.



  • R -rated Anime ! / AT-X

    2021 March

    Vizrt / Brainstorm / Virtual / Control Panel

  • UNICORN / Development (Base on Unity)

    2019 September

    Unity / Telop

  • FujiTV World Cup Volleyball 2019 TraceVision / Realtime Rendering for Panasonic's Orbit data

    2019 September

    Unity / AR / Virtual / Sensor links

  • New Japan Pro-Wrestling / NJPWWORLD

    2019 April

    OASYS / Telop

  • Bicycle Race Festival / TV TOKYO Corporation

    2018 November

    OASYS(In-house software) / Control Panel / Sensor links