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Digidelic End-of-year Party 2018 –part2-

Hi everyone.

We are gonna continue our report on our celebration of the end-of-year!


We had a pre-shot short movie, with our staffs as the actors!
the movie involved variety of games to play and the viewers were asked to make a guess about the result!
It was so much fun!


And we had the long-awaited lottery which we have in every end-of-year celebration!
The rewards were so colorful in variety from 4K Television, inviation to high class restaurants,
“canned” pearls and more!!


Here we are the last picture of the year.
The celebration was the best!

The next year is going to be the year of Olympics!
We digidelic as a team, we are going to work together to cheer up this gigantic event!

Have a great year everyone!