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Creating a Design of New Year’s Cards!

Hello everyone.
The harsh summer heat is now gone and the temperature is completely like autumn…or even skipped that season and actually it’s already like winter.
When it comes around this season of the year, a design contest for new year’s card takes place within the company(^^♪

The Chinese Zodiac of next year is rabbit.
So we asked a staff member who has a rabbit to send some pictures for a reference.
The rabbit is so cute(⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡

If your design wins the contest, maybe there will be a gorgeous prize…!?
To win the contest, everybody including the new staff and senior staff are enthusiastically creating their designs(`・ω・´)

There will be various unique new year’s cards to be submitted!
We are looking forward to see which design wins the contest♪