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Walking Around the Shin-Osaka Office!

Hello everyone.
The other day, on our way back to the Osaka office after a meeting with a client, we decided to take a little detour!

This is Doguyasuji, where food-related stores line the street.
Here, we found a huge curry spoon, a roasted meat replica, and other items that you’d find in the city of “kuidaore”.

After passing through Doguyasuji, we found the Namba Grand Kagetsu, the mecca of laughter!
We took a photo with one of Glasswine, a comedy duo from Yoshimoto☆
As we often have talk show projects, we are very happy to visit here(^^♪

In this city with many dynamic and vivid colors, what kind of design is preferred?

What kind of service is interesting to the people?

We will start making proposals from now on while making use of our daily experiences!

From Osaka, see ya!