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First outing for lunch in Reiwa era!

Hi everyone.

today, we went out for a lunch for the first time in Reiwa era as a group of five.

At Digidelic, we keep our relationships close among its workers and we often take a lunch break together.


This is the restaurant we went today!
It’s looking gorgeous with a lot of green surrounding the place!

looking at the picture, it gives an impression it’s not in Japan♪


Here’s our dish that arrived, it looks quite a lot of food!

I’m sure it’s a healthy diet with so many fresh vegetables!


Now that we have all the plates delivered, it’s picture time!

We had a lot of fun spending our lunch time together, as well as a lot of food!

Just like it was in the previous Heisei era, it would be great to keep our relationship friendly in Reiwa era!
All the memory that we have together surely will make that happen.